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Monday, May 24, 2010

  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss: Keynote
  • Armin Ronacher: The Future of WSGI and Python 3 – Slideshare / Scribd
  • Alex Gaynor: What NoSQL support in the Django ORM looks like, and how do we get there – Slideshare 
  • Sean O'Connor: How to make running a user group feel like cheating – PDF / Scribd
  • Honza Král: Testing Django Applications Slideshare
  • Jirka Schäfer: Django at the enterprise
  • Will Hardy: Free the Developers – Notes PDF
  • Lightning Talks



Tuesday, May 25, 2010


  • Jan Lehnardt: Keynote – Slides PDF / Notes
  • Benoît Chesneau: Gunicorn, Django and WSGI – Scribd
  • Patrick Lauber: Introduction to django-cms – Slideshare
  • Russell Keith-Magee: No! Bad Pony! or, Explaining Django's development process
  • Peter Bengtsson: Using MongoDB in your Django app – Slides
  • Andrew Godwin: South, New and Old 
  • Lightning Talks


Wednesday, May 26, 2010 


  • Benoît Chesneau: Relax your project with CouchDB - Scribd
  • Maciej Pasternacki: Best of both worlds - deploying Django applications with Capistrano and supervisord - slideshare PDF more info
  • Idan Gazit: Design for developers: Making your Frontend Suck Less - Scribd
  • Michael P. Jung: Efficient Django Hosting for the Masses
  • Michal Domanski: Caching in Python
  • Eric Holscher: Getting the most out of your test suite Slideshare | PDF
  • Lightning Talks
    • Jan Lehnardt: mustache – Slides 
    • Jan Lehnardt: P2P CouchDB Applications – Slides


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